Rights for Apes in Spain
Spain could soon become the first country in the world to give great apes some of the rights granted to human beings.

Steve Irwin Killed
He was killed by a stingray while filming a documentary at the Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s northeast coast. He was 44.

Tiger Killed at Zoo
TAMPA - A 14-year-old endangered tiger was fatally shot at Lowry Park Zoo after escaping its holding cell by a latch left unlocked.

Noon's Chimp Sanctuary
When it's complete in 2008, 291 chimps will roam virtually free on 12 islands, dotted with jungle gyms, hammocks, tire swings- and no cages..

Palm Oil Threat
Palm oil is now the single greatest threat to the survival of orangutans in the wild. The palm oil industry has caused an extreme loss of habitat for wildlife such as orangutans, gibbons, tigers and elephants.

Palm Oil List
List of Products and Mnftrs using Palm oil.


Bonobo Tribe is a site created for animal keepers and trainers, as well as conservationists and animal lovers on the whole. The hope is that this site can become a meeting point and information exchange for people who work with / for animals or are just concerned about their well being and natural habitats. You are all part of the Tribe (you know who you are...) and we want there to be a place for us to share things and feel welcome and be part of a community. We would like you all to bring your news, findings, events, questions, horror stories and breakthroughs here to share with the rest of the tribe. The site will evolve as it needs to, and we will be adding some great features as we grow. But that growth depends on you.
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Speaking of words, a note about the Bonobo shop. The merchandise was born out of a need. Within the Tribe is a strange language that few outside fully understand...and it makes for some great one-liners. Please feel free to send us suggestions for new some might have guessed, our roots are in primates, but we are also tight with hoofstock and other species, so don't hold back if you have an idea. Wear your colors proudly.

Most importantly, the Tribe believes in basic principals as observed in our namesake, the bonobo (Pan Paniscus)... non-violent resolution of conflict, obey the ladies, a peaceful society (more info available on our links page). Ever day try to do something bonobo for the world...extra points if it involves
gg rubbing.

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